Mobile Patrol, Escort, Alarm Response

Remaining competitive Tress Security developed a network of patrol operatives across the geographical national boundary. The objective in securing such a network is service, particularly in consideration of reduced response times. Catering for the single patrol call to an elaborate lock down of a major industrial or shopping facility.


Patrols can be random or regular and are generally customised and tailored to meet the individual security requirements of the client. Lockups such as those for government facilities where our patrol conducts a comprehensive site inspection and the secures all buildings and gates leaving an incident report to identify and concerns or oversights at the location.


Patrol services also may include Escort Services, which requires the patrol to attend the client’s premises and safely escort a staff member to their vehicles. Escorts may also include the patrol to collect daily takings and deposit them in a night safe or simply collect mail while the client is on holidays.


Responding to alarm activations for commercial, industrial and residential properties, establishing and identifying potential site problems, are all attributes to the Patrol service offered by Tress Security.